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Bookkeeping Catch Up & Cleanup


If your books are a mess or if you're consistently falling behind on your bookkeeping it's time to get help. Bad bookkeeping will cost you far more than hiring a good bookkeeper does.  Tax season, going through an audit or getting a loan is stressful and time consuming enough.  Try doing it with bad books.  Let's work together and make things streamlined, current and accurate in not time.

Diagnostic Review


Are your books as good as you think they are? Do you know they aren't right but aren't sure exactly what the problem is or how to fix it?  The Diagnostic review will either give you the peace of mind that your bookkeeping is on point or uncover the issues you didn't know were there.  Our session will give you a run down of issues that need to be resolved to keep your business running smoothly.


Classes and Public Speaking


New to being a business owner? Or maybe you've been in business but you want to get  intentional and bring it to the next level.  BOSS School helps you create the business and life of your dreams with one on one or group training.  

Want to learn more about the "F" word?  Invite me to speak about at your next event and we will  "Get Comfortable with The F Word".  After all, how comfortable are you with your financials?



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