Here's What People Are Saying About Me..


Mark Dubinksy President & CEO Methuen CPL

 "Krista is exceptionally detail oriented.  Beyond providing very competent bookkeeping services, she has a keen ability to provide valuable insights into the critical details that drive a client’s business success.  Alternatively, she can spot  areas of potential concern for the business owner to address, thereby mitigating potential cash flow losses." 

Shannon President of SW Solutions USA

 "I absolutely would and have referred Krista and E&M Bookkeeping Solutions to my clients. Krista treats every client as if  their business was her business. Krista always goes above and beyond to achieve the optimal results for every client. If not for Krista's expertise and attention to detail I would not have been able to provide the financing my clients need for working capital on an on-going basis. Krista is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."

Alan Daviduk Jr. Treaurer, Methuen CPL and Principle, Dava Co.

 "Krista is committed to understanding your problem and what's needed to solve it. Too many times people tell you what they think and  "what they would do if they were you" solutions are not one size fits all today, so you need a partner, not just a bookkeeper, that's what Krista provides."

Claudia Trembley, Kingston Veteran's Club

 "Krista is very easy to talk to and she can easily explain  any issues" 

Allison LaRoche

 "Krista is helping my husband and I get organized and prepared for tax season with our small business. She also provided financial planning and budgeting information to help us with our personal finances. Krista is passionate about what she does and I found it to be contagious."  -Allison LaRoche